The Condemned

The Condemned (2007)

Steve Austin in The Condemned

Over the years, numerous pro-wrestlers have made the leap to the big screen, including Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, and “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, just to name a few. The amazing thing is, it’s always been a remarkably smooth transition. Not a bad film in the bunch. I haven’t quite figured out why anyone would consider making a film that wasn’t headlined by a WWE superstar. You’re going to tell me that Kevin Spacey is more marketable than Kamala, the Uganda Headhunter?

Well, the biggest star ever in the rasslin’ business, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin has finally made the transition from the ring to the Hollywood.

In The Condemned, Austin, plays a death row inmate who is given a one-in-ten chance to go free. The only problem is that he is given a nine-out-of-10 chance of dying.

Several inmates are summoned from across the globe to a remote island by a manipulative reality television producer. These inmates are forced to kill each other off until one man (or woman) remains, while millions watch the action over the Internet.

We learn that Austin’s character did not commit the crimes he was accused of, and cheer him on as he opens up a can of whoop ass on everyone in his way – he may just even get his hands on that evil producer. Of course I can’t say for certain that he does, or even if he lives, as I wouldn’t want to spoil the film for you.

I tend to judge the quality of a movie based on how many people explode during the film. Based on that criterion, The Condemned is a masterpiece.


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