DOA: Dead or Alive

DOA: Dead or Alive (2006)

Dead or Alive beach volleyball scene

The DOA video game franchise has been very successful over the years on the Xbox, combining acrobatic fighting (or beach volleyball) with sexy lady pixels. Seeing how nearly every other video game has been turned into a movie, it’s about time that this series received the treatment.

In Dead or Alive, a group of skilled fighters from all around the globe are summoned to a remote island to compete in a fighting tournament, with the promise of a $10 million pay day for the winner.

Recent Emmy winner Jaime Pressly (“My Name is Earl”) stars as Tina Armstrong, a pro-wrestler who is out to prove she is no phony. She shows she certainly isn’t by single handedly taking out a gang of pirates, and also defeating her own father (played by pro wrestling star Kevin Nash) in a tournament fight.

Also competing in the tournament is Kasumi, a princess who is looking for her lost brother, Christie, a thief/assassin, and Helena, a roller skater whose father came up with the DOA concept.

After Helena’s father dies, the tournament is taken over by Donovan (Eric Roberts), a megalomaniac who plots to steal the combined powers of all of the tournament combatants.

While this may seem like heavy-duty material, the film is full of lighthearted moments. What other fight film would feature a five-minute beach volleyball game in the middle, even if it were integral to the plot?

Dead Or Alive is a wonderful combination of Charlie’s Angels, anything starring Bruce Lee, and a late night infomercial for a singles chat line.


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