Junior (1994)

Long before Arnold Schwarzenegger reigned as Governor of California, he was the biggest action star in the world. But Arnold was not content to be a one trick pony. So he tried his hand at several comedies, including Kindergarten Cop and Twins, the latter of which co-starred Danny DeVito.

Twins was such a big hit that Arnold and DeVito teamed up years later in Junior, the tale of two scientists working on a fertility drug called Expectane. Unfortunately, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) won’t authorize Expectane to be tested on a woman, and the two men see their funding withdrawn.

JuniorSo the two men decide that they only have one option – to test the drug on Schwarzenegger’s character. A fertilized egg is implanted in his abdomen, and the laughs – and a few tears follow.

I knew this was going to be a great film five minutes in after a scene in which Arnold is seen rubbing the belly of a pregnant chimp. That alone guaranteed it at least four-and-a half stars. The cast could have sat around reading the newspaper for the remainder of the film, and it still would have been great. Luckily they don’t resort to this.

Instead, what we get is Schwarzenegger’s character going from a cold, stoic individual, to a glowing, emotional mom/dad to be. While he was only supposed to carry the fetus for one trimester, he decides to go through with the pregnancy.

He goes on to suffer many of the same symptoms expectant moms do. While Schwarzenegger is probably best known for uttering lines like “I’ll be back” and “Hasta la vista, baby,” I’ll always think of him in Junior saying to DeVito, “My nipples are very sensitive.”

Not only are his nipples sensitive, but so is his portrayal. Whether he is posing in drag as a member of the East German Olympic team, or succumbing to those pregnancy induced food cravings, this is the greatest role of Arnold’s career. When (not if) he finally becomes President of the United States (with DeVito as VP), and brings peace to the Middle East, Junior will still rank as his proudest achievement.


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