Zombie Strippers

Zombie Strippers (2008)

Zombie film offers blood, boobs and Bush (George W. Bush that is)

History was made this week when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States. Barack promises change – but what if there was no change? What if George W. Bush was allowed to serve a third, or even fourth-term. This and many other important questions are asked in the recently released on DVD thriller/comedy Zombie Strippers.

The film takes place in the year 2012, as George W. Bush has just been elected for a fourth term as President (supported by Vice President Schwarzenegger). The U.S. army is spread thin, as they are engaged in so many wars at once (Iraq, Afghanistan, France and Canada, among others). So the government begins to experiment with the re-animation of corpses so that dead soldiers may continue to fight. In addition, public nudity has been banned!

Zombie Strippers posterNot surprisingly, the whole re-animation of the dead scenario quickly goes awry. A Special Forces team is called in to contain the threat. However, one of the team members is bitten and runs away for fear of being exterminated by his colleagues.

The contaminated soldier ends up in the Rhino Club, an underground illegal strip club. After watching some of the lovely ladies perform, the soldier attacks the club’s star dancer, Kat (played by porn queen Jenna Jameson), turning her into a zombie as well. Now normally it would be the customer that would need to worry about being infected by the dancer, but that is just an example of the wonderful farfetched humour in this film.

Kat quickly springs back into action, jumping onto the stage. At first the patrons don’t know that anything is different – sure she has a cold, distant look in her eyes that signifies that she is dead inside, but so do most strippers. However she is much more agile than before and by the end of her performance, the crowd is more raucous than ever, showering her with tips galore. This leads to one dancer after another being turned into zombies so they can compete with Kat.

Robert Englund, best known as Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series, plays Ian, the club’s unscrupulous owner. Once Ian sees all the money being thrown at his zombie dancers, he turns a blind eye to the situation, only seeing the dollars thrown on stage.

Of course you can’t expect to have zombies running amuck and not experiencing any repercussions. One customer after another gets bitten, and the strippers eventually begin feasting on each other’s naked, blood stained flesh.

I don’t want to give away too much of the ending, but I will say that it does involve billiard balls being shot out of a vagina. Sure, maybe you’ve seen that before, but was it a zombie vagina? I didn’t think so.

Zombie Strippers has all the makings of an instant classic. It offers plenty of chills, and even more laughs. Plus, it is a film that really makes you think as well, with messages about politics, jealousy and self esteem. It just might be the greatest film about the walking dead ever released. If you love zombie flicks, and are sick of trying to masturbate to Land of the Dead, you will definitely want to check out Zombie Strippers.

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