What Women Want

What Women Want (2000)

Made Mel shows sensitive side

Mel Gibson is one lucky man!

Oh sure, he’s going through some bad publicity…again. His management company dropped him, and he may never get to star in another major motion picture. So why is he lucky, you may ask?

The answer is quite simply because there is really nothing he could do now that would further damage his reputation. After his racist rant back in 2006, and the shocking verbal abuse directed towards his girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva recently, his career is irreparably scarred. If it was found out that he runs a dog fighting ring out of his basement, or burned down an orphanage, he would be no worse off. He’s a special kind of screwed right now.

What Women WantIn the interest of being topical, I thought I would delve in to the Mel Gibson catalogue of hit films this week. While some people might most fondly remember his Oscar winning Braveheart, or his successful Lethal Weapon series, to me Mel will always be Nick Marshall in the romantic comedy classic What Women Want.

Nick is a cocky advertising executive who treats women as mere objects. While Nick possesses the ability to get into most women’s pants, he cannot get into their heads. This is a problem, since companies are targeting the 18 to 34-year-old female demographic. Since Nick cannot relate to women, he is passed over for a big promotion, and must now report to his firm’s newest employee, Darcy McGuire (Helen Hunt).

Nick’s career seems like it is headed for a downward spiral, but a freak occurrence changes his fortunes. After suffering from electric shock, Nick discovers that he can hear every thought running through the minds of the women. Needless to say, this proves to be invaluable to someone who is given the task of selling products to the fairer sex.

Not only does this new ability help Nick’s career, but it also helps his personal life, chiefly his relationship with his teenage daughter, and his budding romance with his new supervisor Darcy. This all culminates in one of the most romantic moments in silver screen history, when Nick grabs hold of Darcy, looks her right in the eyes and tells her, “I need a woman, not a f—— little girl with a f—– dysfunctional c—. I need a f—— woman. I don’t need medication. You need a f—— bat to the side of the head. All right? How about that? You need a f—— doctor. You need a f- —– brain transplant. You need a f- —– … you need a f—— soul.”

Oh wait, that might not be what Gibson said, in the movie anyways. I think I got my notes messed up. Needless to say, it was pretty freaking romantic.

If Mel Gibson wants to do something that will change the way people look at him (and you would think that he would), he should constantly be referring to his role in this film. “Yes your honour, I did indeed threaten to kill her, but did you ever see What Women Want? That’s really more like me. I’m really sensitive, especially towards women. That phone call was just a one-time…sorry, threetime thing that is completely out of character.”

In the court of public opinion, Gibson may be in trouble now, but no judge or jury in the all the land would convict Mel Gibson after seeing What Women Want. That is, of course, unless they found him guilty of stealing our hearts.


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