Project ALF

Project: ALF (1996)

Reward yourself by watching ALF

Project ALF

Over the next few months, cinemas around the world will be invaded by aliens. From Battle: Los Angeles to Paul, to Super 8 to Cowboys & Aliens, we are going see an abundance of extra-terrestrials in films this spring and summer. All of these films will pale in comparison, however, to the film I will be taking a look at this week: Project: ALF.

ALF was a very successful sitcom that ran from 1986 to 1990 on NBC. The series focused on wisecracking alien Gordon Shumway, better known as ALF (Alien Life Form). ALF caused many headaches for the Tanner family he took up residence with, wreaking all sorts of destruction, and constantly attempting to eat their cat (a delicacy on his home planet of Melmac).

As the series came to an end, ALF was trying to make his way home when he was nabbed by government agents. Project: ALF takes off from there, with ALF living at a U.S. Air Force base. He’s living a mostly charmed life, holding nightly poker tournaments and eating like a king – although he does have to occasionally go through some painful tests ordered by Colonel Milfoil (Martin Sheen), a military man with a vendetta against spacemen. Note, this is not the only time a member of the Sheen family has had dealings with an extra-terrestrial, but this is the only time that it didn’t involve an evening with cocaine and hookers.

Two officers, 1st Lt. Mullican (William O’Leary) and Captain Hill (Jensen Daggett) aren’t pleased with the situation, and take ALF off the base. Taking the troublesome alien out into the public provides some big laughs, particularly when ALF visits The Pussycat Lounge, where he thinks he is going to find some felines to dine on. ALF and strippers, two beloved forms of entertainment brought together.

While ALF may have escaped the clutches of the evil Colonel Milfoil, he is placed in more danger, as a whole new set of villains look to get their hands on everyone’s favourite alien. Well, not everyone’s favourite alien, some are in the E.T. camp. Just like there is Team Jacob versus Team Edward these days, back in the 1980s there was Team ALF versus Team E.T. And both of those little alien fellows were shirtless.

Project ALF is an extra-special film about an extra-terrestrial. While it may not contain the special effects that some of the upcoming big budget alien flicks possess, it contains much more heart and humour. Project: ALF is an alien flick with a lot of humanity.

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