D.C. Cab

D.C. Cab (1983)

D.C. Cab deserves an A+

D.C. Cab

Whenever a limousine or horse drawn carriage isn’t available, I am forced to be transported by taxi. It is always an awkward situation. If I am traveling alone, I feel obligated to sit beside this complete stranger and engage in forced small talk about politics, sports or the latest Dame Judy Dench film. Then the cabbie has the nerve not to accept a post-dated cheque!

While I may find riding in taxis to be taxing, I sure do enjoy movies about taxi drivers – well, except for Taxi Driver, that movie is bollocks. A much better film about taxi drivers is the 1983 classic D.C. Cab starring Gary Busey, Mr. T and a host of other Hollywood heavyweights.

D.C. Cab is a comedic yarn that introduces us to a zany group of cabbies, played by the aforementioned Mr. T and Gary Busey, along with stand-up legend Paul Rodriguez, talk show host Bill Maher and Adam Baldwin. You know what they say – if you absolutely have to a have a Baldwin brother in your film, and Alec is too expensive, William and Stephen are busy, and Daniel is in rehab, then by golly, Adam Baldwin is your fifth and best option. Hopefully movie-goers will not catch wind of the fact that he is not actually a Baldwin brother.

The D.C. Cab company is falling apart, due in no small part to the unprofessionalism of its drivers. A rival taxi operation is threatening to hammer a nail into their coffin. But when the owner of D.C. Cab manages to get his hands on the massive sum of $10,000, he embarks on a mission to turn the ship around. In addition to this main storyline, there is also a kidnapping subplot.

It is not the plot of the film that is the real selling point, however. It is the wacky cast of characters. And no character is wackier than Dell, played by Gary Busey. He is such a natural performer. I’m not entirely sure that Busey knew that there was a film crew following him around. Actually I’m not sure he is aware that he is an actor. He must have been very confused that one time he was invited to the Oscars. In any other film, Busey would be the highlight, but that is not the case here, due to the man who I am about to extol the virtues of.

What can be said about Mr. T that hasn’t already been said? Actor. Wrestler. Singer. Role model. Yes, the man who was birthed by a virgin mother and originally given the moniker Laurence Tureaud has truly done it all.

While most people are quick to heap praise on Mr. T (or Sir T as he is sure to be known if the Queen has a lick of sense) for his acting ability and toughness, I feel he has never been granted his just due for his impeccable fashion sense. It is on full display in this film. At one juncture he dons an orange tank top, neon green spandex tights and pink wristbands. It’s like he stepped right out of a GQ photo shoot and showed up on set. There are many great things about this film, but the performance of Mr. T is what truly elevates it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. And I feel sorrow – nay, pity – for those fools.

If you are not already sold, the film also features MacGyver himself, Richard Dean Anderson in a small role as “Bad Guy.” With all due respect to the cast of Bikini Car Wash 2, D.C. Cab features the greatest cast ever assembled.

D.C. Cab is one ride that is definitely worth taking. So sit back, let the meter run, and enjoy a motion picture that is well worth the fare.


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