Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend

Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend (2012)

Boobs, beer and Bigfoot

Bigfoot's Wild Weekend

A few months back, a synopsis appeared in an RSS feed that I subscribe to detailing new Netflix releases: “When skeptical tabloid reporter Harlan James is given the assignment of investigating a string of encounters involving Bigfoot, he soon learns that Bigfoot isn’t a scary monster but rather a beer drinking, panty-stealing party animal!” You had me at Bigfoot.

The film Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend is a raunchy sex comedy in the same vein as American Pie, Superbad and Frost/Nixon. Except Bigfoot is the central character in this film. Although to be honest, I have not seen Frost/Nixon, so that might be the case with that film as well. The film opens up with a scene in which two young lasses begin splashing around in the water while drinking beer, topless. Soon entering into the equations is a third member – a rather large and hairy member – you guessed it, Bigfoot!

This apparently isn’t the first time that Bigfoot has made his presence felt in the area, as story after story detailing encounters with the big fellow begin to come out. Soon an awkward young tabloid scribe and a fetching television reporter descend upon the scene and embark on a cat and mouse game with the sasquatch.

While the two media personalities begin to act on their own sexual impulses, Bigfoot continues to live it up, stealing the locals’ beer, and spying on topless cavorting women. The women of this town have no hangups about public nudity. It’s like they are living in one giant outdoor strip club.

The sexy shenanigans take a backseat when a group of hunters also go on the hunt for Bigfoot. It is up to the two reporters, and the local sheriff to protect the beast.

Bigfoot’s Wild Weekend is an absolute triumph. Not only does it deliver Bigfoot, it also delivers big laughs and big scares. It is also nice to see Bigfoot depicted in a different way. Usually he is either a destructive force, or a subdued, gentle soul, as seen in Harry and The Hendersons. Thankfully director Jeff Murray has given us another take on what Bigfoot may in fact be – a lustful degenerate who likes cheap beer and even cheaper women. I predict that when the superhero movie craze dies down, that the next big genre to take Hollywood by storm will be films about Bigfoot. Years from now, people will look back at this little film in which Bigfoot ogles women and steals their panties as a landmark film that started a trend.


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