Should Rousey tap out of Road House remake?


This past Saturday night, the biggest sports upset since the Harlem Globetrotters defeated the Green Bay Packers at Super Bowl XXV occurred when Holly Holm was victorious over Ronda Rousey for the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

MMA pundits immediately began to question when Rousey would get her rematch, or even if she would continue in the sport.

The bigger question however is, how will this effect plans for Rousey to star in the planned remake of the 1989 classic Roadhouse.

Earlier this year it was announced that Rousey was cast to star in the film, which would be directed by Nick Cassavetes, best known for his work on The Notebook. Word even leaked that Rousey had received the blessing of the wife of the late Patrick Swayze. Whether Ronda asked nicely, or applied a vicious armbar to receive this blessing is unknown, but either way she was able to sway Swayze’s widow.

At the time the casting seemed brilliant. Rousey seemed unstoppable, going 13-0 in mixed martial arts, winning most of her fights in the first round. But after the loss to Holm, many are wondering is she can still be convincing in the role of the “cooler”.

What would have happened if back in 1988, Patrick Swayze ran into Sugar Ray Leonard at some high profile function. Perhaps heated words would have been exchanged, fisticuffs ensued, and it is not inconceivable that Leonard would have managed to gain the upper hand against Swayze. Would audiences been able to buy a defeated Swayze as the tough-as-nails, throw ripping out fighting machine known as Dalton? Highly unlikely.

Luckily Swayze was able to maintain his aura of invincibility, with many tough guy performances on his resume. Who could ever forget his work in Dirty Dancing, where he played a dirty cop who used every dirty trick in his playbook to thwart dirty terrorists who were holding hostages at a high school dance. Actually I’ve never seen the film, that’s what it’s about, right?

Ronda Rousey has done enough in mixed martial arts to earn the right to go back to the top of the ladder, and gain an immediate rematch with Holm. But she is clearly not qualified, at least not at this point, to step into Swayze’s shoes.

Perhaps she can start off by starring in a remake of one of Swayze’s lesser films, Ghost. I can envision a version of the film where both gender and race roles have been switched. Rousey could play the Swayze part, Kevin Hart could play the Demi Moore role, and Channing Tatum could take over for Whoopi Goldberg. I have no doubt that Rousey could easily hoist Hart up for the infamous pottery scene.

Hollywood bigwigs and Ronda Rousey, you’re welcome.


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