About the Cinema Connoisseur

The Cinema Connoisseur is a weekly movie review column published in several newspapers in Ontario, Canada and Bulgaria. The columns are penned by Allen Gaynor, a web developer and part-time zebra groomer.

While the masses flock to the theatres in droves to witness the latest tripe put out by the likes of Dame Judy Dench, Colm Feore and Ralph Fiennes, all the while guzzling Pepsi and shoveling down milk duds, you will not see the Cinema Connoisseur at these screenings. No, you are far more likely to likely to see me sitting in his luxurious home theatre, a fine cigar in one hand, and gourmet popped corn in the other, basking in the glow of the works of Swayze, Hogan, and Lundgren.


3 thoughts on “About the Cinema Connoisseur

  1. Re: How The West Was Fun..

    I loved your article in Fanshawe College’s student newspaper

    But there are 3 Olsen twin movies in which their mom is still around..
    They are: Passport To Paris, Holiday In The Sun, and Our Lips are Sealed.

    Just thought you would like to know..

  2. Are you trolling? I literally can’t tell if these are supposed to be serious film reviews or not.

    • Of course. Good films like Bride of Chucky are praised, terrible films like The Godfather are panned, just as any other critic would do.

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